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Ultimate Urban Playground at San Francisco Driven by Ken Block with Crazy Ford Fiesta 650 HP (VIDEO)

ken block gymkhana 5 san francisco

There are many ways of creating YouTube gold, however director ben conrad opted for the subsequent methodology – he took one skilled rally driver – Ken Block – plonked him in a very rally-spec Ford fiesta, sealed massive elements of San Francisco – and told him to require his driving skills to the limit. Results are pure alchemy. For petrol – fans, at least. Almost four million of them, so far, have seen Conrad’s gymkhana 5 film, that showcases Block’s skills in spectacular fashion.

ken-block gymkhana in the middle

The car he’s driving is an absolute beast – it’s 650 horses underneath the bonnet and might hit 60mph in 1.8 seconds, but Block, founding father of DC Shoes and also the Monster World Rally Team, has it fully tamed. He hurtles on the town streets at exciting speeds, attains large drifts and uses those magnificently steep community streets as take-off ramps.

ken block corner

At one purpose he even manages to send the car mobile – sideways. And within the city center he performs a sort of rally-car ballet, spinning the fiesta around 2 moving buses in an exceedingly figure-of-eight pattern. The exactitude of his driving is simply wonderful. And Conrad, who shot the video over four days, makes certain that each angle is roofed. Viewers see the jumps in Gone-In-60-Seconds-style motion-picture show, the driver’s purpose of read and even shots of the shock absorbers because the automobile bounces down residential streets.

See the action for yourself below in the video and enjoy.

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