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Ultimate Toy Called Nissan GT-R launched By Switzer ClubSport

Switzer ClubSport GT-R front

Switzer Performance has developed one more aftermarket program for his or her favorite automobile, the Nisan GT-R.

This latest kit is represented by the Ohio-based tuner because the “most track-focused Nisan GT-R” and is actually a mixture between the ultimate Street Edition’s engine (about 1,000 bhp) mixed with alternative upgrades developed over the years.

Switzer ClubSport GT-R rear angle

For an extra 29,900 USD over the employment GT-R you will get an mechanics body kit, track-biased suspension, beefier brakes with carbon-nano brake pad compound, composite sport seats, similarly as track-designed Toyo R888 tires. The same aero kit encompasses a rear wing, front splitter and hood that have all been made up of carbon fiber.

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