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Three Different but Identical Cars: Toyota Gt 86, Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S

2013-Subaru-BRZ-Front-SideScion FR SEver since Toyota and Subaru declared their plans to put together develop a contemporary sports car back at the 2009 Tokio Motor Show, several potential consumers and fans of Toyota’s sports automobile past were deeply interested to visualize simply what the production automobile would look and be like. Currently quick forward to the 2011 Tokio Motor Show, wherever the production models of the japanese sports coupes were unveiled .

Toyota’s version is named the GT-86, as respect to the first AE 86. Whereas the GT-86 and Scion FR-S are nearly identical, on the other hand the badging and a few slight tuning variations. The Subaru BRZ options a special side and a couple of different terribly minor changes. As many of us also are aware by currently, the GT-86 are going to be sold in European and Japanese markets, whereas the FR-S is specifically for the U.S, in an attempt to feature some spice to scion.

Similar cars

The BRZ are going to be sold all told 3 markets. Still, all 3 are identical machine beneath and that we found ourselves curious to check simply what the precise variations are. Our final results: Not much, however here’s a better look. Power for all 3 comes from a Subaru-developed naturally aspirated 2.0-l flat-four boxer engine, manufacturing 200HP and 151lb-ft of torsion. Toyota was guilty of styling whereas Subaru handled most of the engineering tasks.

Similar cars 1

It’s under no circumstances a bad-looking coupe, however we can’t facilitate but surprise that if a little more effort was created, the outside styling can be even higher. Overall, it’s a handsome style that may probably age graciously because the years elapse.

similar interior

The GT-86 and FR-S feature an inverted trapezoid grille with a sweeping fog lightweight style, whereas the BRZ includes a lot of conventionally titled grille. The name of the sport for engineers was to stay weight to a lowest, as every automotive has an aluminium hood, a car roof, and a trunk style instead that of a hatchback. The boxer engine additionally sits as way back and as low as potential to permit for best weight distribution and an occasional center of gravity. Ought to we tend to even be surprised? Although the badges, we’re viewing the same backside style.

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