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Train for the future “Acura NSX Concept” (2013)

Acura NSX Concept 2013 front angle

This year, Acura introduced the new NSX concept that has evolved with the style of the next generation of super cars and design. The Acura NSX Concept is very similar in style to the original concept, said vice president of marketing operations Mike Accavitti. He also said that, we have made great step in ensuring the expectations of the previous year, with many new technology and a new level of performance and dynamic market experience of exotic sports cars.

Acura NSX Concept 2013 side

Acura NSX Concept 2013 rear angle

The new NSX Concept is based on the already well-known, his attitude, his style, which includes a low and wide stance with very strong momentum and tempting proportions, with clean, modern and simple line, bringing together to the attitude of vehicles and great sense of high technology. The new Acura NSX Concept offers outstanding interior design, which includes the next generation designs. In this design is incorporated “Human Support Cockpit” theme, which, Acura offers a strong focus on the connection between man and machine.

Acura NSX Concept 2013 front

Acura NSX Concept 2013 back

The interior package offers vast expanse of visibility, real sport enjoying sitting with simple sports interface that allows the driver to focus and enjoy the ride. Acura is aiming to merge and combine the performance of next generation super cars with advanced environmental performance. As announced Acura NSX will move with the V6 engine with direct injection, mid mounted and coupled with Acura’s Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) system.

Acura Sport Hybrid SH-AWD is a three-motor high-performance hybrid system which incorporates torque to all four-wheel drive with advanced hybrid technology using three electric motors. One jointly involved with the V6 engine and two motors that moved a front-wheel drive, including dual-clutch transmission (DCT). During movement through curves, this system allows us direct delivery of positive and negative torque to the front wheels and provides a high level of driving performance.

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