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The Top Green Car for 2013 Tesla Model S

To reach the top when it comes to green cars, you really do our best. In this plan succeeded many Americans that produced the fastest four-door car. You can drive like a sports car with his impulsiveness and agility. On the other hand, offers a very stylish and elegant and moving effortlessly as limousine which can be parked in front of hotel and luxurious to look like a model.

Tesla Model S 2013

Tesla Model S is the first sedan designed to take full architecture of electric vehicles. Revolutionary engine that creates a very low center of gravity.
S model offers us the highest safety standards, made ​​of aluminum body which raises the level of vehicle handling. With the best aerodynamics in its class, and with the greatest production of electric vehicles in the world.

 Tesla Model S interior

Tesla Model S offers three lithium-ion batteries: 40 kilowatts per hour, which can provide a ride up to 140 miles, 60 kilowatts per hour that will go 200 miles and 85 kilowatts per hour which provides drive to 265 miles.

Cargo space in the Tesla Model S is the highest capacity within its sedan class, including the second trunk under the hood.in the car can seat five adults and two children. In the space in the center console is placed 17inchi touch screen with satellite navigation, internet capabilities, allowing for streaming radio and web browsing.

Electric motor with 85 kilowatts has a power of 362 hp and torque of 325 lb-ft, and the most powerful has 416 hp and 443 lb-ft. Performance version of Tesla Model S speeds up to 60miles in 4.0 seconds, and it has a top speed of 133 mph. The basic model with 40 kilowatts costing $ 58.570 (before a federal tax credit of $7500), and 85 kilowatts fully loaded performance series are $106,900 (before tax credit).

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