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The Storm has Come ….. McLaren P1

McLaren P1

Finally arrived magnificent one and only McLaren P1.This year’s car show feels green age, all the big sports companies came out with a combination of regular machine and an electric motor. As it is known that what is good short runs, this series of McLaren P1 has been reduced to only 375 copies. With a starting price of 866,000 GBP and 1,150,000 USD (approximately 1,004,800 EUR).

McLaren P1 OrangeThis hybrid powertrain which consists of a twin-turbo, V8 3.8-liter mid-mounted engine creates 737 Hp (542 kW) at 7,500 rpm of torque from 4,000 rpm and additional 179 Hp (132 kW) from the electric motor. The maximum output power of 916 Hp (674 kW).

Like Ron Dennis says “it’s going to be the fastest car in the world”, which is not good news for Ferrari. Included (IPAS) Instant Power Assist System McLaren P1 it’s going to flash from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, up to 200 km/h it needs less than 7 seconds and 17 seconds to 300 km/h, with limited top speed of 350 km/h.

McLaren P1 Concept

IPAS system is actually an electric motor, which can be activated by using the built-in button on the steering wheel P1. Another build-in button on the steering wheel is Drag Reduction System( DRS ). If you push the button the rear wing reduced in angle to lower drag by 23 percent.  To turn of the    Drag Reduction System you must press the brake pedal or push the button again.
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