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The sexiest coupe concept ever made by KIA “Provo” 2013

Kia Provo Concept 2013 front angle

In every way when you see the Kia Provo concept can conclude that it is a small, muscular, energetic and perfect design concept coupe. Mixing the latest ultra-technology, with assertiveness and agility provides a new B segment of enthusiasts. Kia is working on expansion of this segment B, mixing it this low, muscular and hatchback style with petrol-fuelled turbo-charged engine with electric motors bringing advanced smart hybrid solution.

Kia Provo Concept 2013 front view

Kia Provo Concept 2013 rear angle

The concept “Provo” is designed for fun and pure pleasure. Simply go around curves and corners gives you a wonderful sense of fun and pleasure, making your face smiling all the time and you are not aware of it. The car is also designed to be simultaneously cheeky and cheerful which offers entertainment and on open road. Kia Concept Provo has real DNA sports coupe, as the outside and inside mixed with high technology and luxurious materials, the pulse on the car can be put on the city streets, and on race track.

Kia Provo Concept 2013 side view

Kia Provo Concept 2013 side angle

Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer at Kia’s European styling base in Frankfurt says, “an emotional and muscular car aimed at delivering pure fun and performance for today’s city-based enthusiast driver who longs for the curves of the open road”. Kia Provo is a combination of 1.6-liter turbo GDI engine that produces 204hp with a smart four-wheel drive hybrid technology that adds additional power to the rear wheels when needed, and has a seven-speed DCT transmission.

Kia Provo Concept 2013 interior

Kia Provo Concept 2013 interior 1

The dimensions of the Kia Provo include: 1.35 meters high, 3.88 meters long and 1.77 meters wide. Inside the vehicle prevails a black color, but it is done in order the driver can focus on driving and enjoying in the vehicle itself.  The dashboard is made of carbon fibre, deliberately not extended to the floor in order polished aluminium footrests and pedals to get out and reach to the fore.

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