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The most amazing convertible sports car Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F Type 2014 front angle

The new Jaguar F-Type represents a come back to the company’s heart: with a two-seat, convertible sports car targeted on performance, lightness and driver involvement. The F-Type may be a continuation of a sporting bloodline that stretches back over seventy five years and encompasses a number of the foremost stunning, thrilling and fascinating sports cars ever designed. Connection the XK convertible and auto models, the new F-Type provides panther with a broader line of sports and GT models. The jaguar F-Type 2014 combines vehicle low weight (starting at three,521 pounds), high power (340hp, 380hp and 495hp versions) and excellent aeromechanics to realize a pure sports automotive expertise, nevertheless with jaguar class and luxury.

Jaguar F Type 2014

Jaguar F Type 2014 side

A true two-seat sport automobile, the all-new F-Type Jaguar is supplied with a contemporary, light-weight soft high that, once lowered, is its own tonneau cowl. This not solely provides a weight savings, however additionally improves package and contributes to the car’s low center of gravity for larger legerity. The highest may be totally raised or lowered in only twelve seconds at speeds of up to thirty mph. Its multi-layer construction includes a Thinsulate lining for optimum thermal and sound-insulating properties.

Jaguar F Type 2014 front angle 1

Exterior Design

Jaguar cars have continuously outlined sinuate, muscular magnificence, and also the F-Type Jaguar continues – and advances – this tradition with new, assertive style language. Two “heartlines” outline, in only two daring strokes, each the profile and top-down view of the Jaguar F-Type. The most “heartline” theme begins within the blade dissecting the shark-like gills on either aspect of the grille. This 1st heartline runs up and forms the sharp prime crease of the fender line, that provides sight lines that aid the driving force in cornering maneuvers. It leads the attention on the highest of the front fender, that is emphasised by the headlight style, and so into the door and toward the rear of the automobile wherever it graciously disappears.

Jaguar F Type 2014 front angle 2

Jaguar F Type 2014 rear 2

The headlights run vertically instead of horizontally, that leads the attention naturally up and on the fender crease. Technology has expedited the look language of the F-Type Jaguar; the compact xenon unit needs only 1 projector, whereas the J-Blade LED running lights more emphasize the look of the heartline running through the lamp. Full light-emitting diode rear lamps produce a brand new Jaguar sports car signature by reinterpreting classic cues from the past. By wrapping the lights around to the edge of the rear wheel arch, his powerful rear-wheel drive stance is emphasised. Reflective the means the front grille leans forward, the tail internal, reinforcing the impression that the automobile is ready to breakthrough.

Jaguar F Type 2014 side 2

Jaguar F Type 2014 side

Further detail differentiation between the 3 variants is found within the exterior trim. The F-Type Jaguar V6 model is marked by material black trim parts within the grilles, vents, front splitter and rear framework, whereas the 2 ‘S’ models receive gloss-black finishes in these areas. The V6 model options normal 18-inch alloy wheels, with 19-inch and 20-inch wheels normal for the S and V8 S, severally, and accessible as choices for the V6. The V8 S additionally receives further mechanics options, together with front vanes to a lower place the shark gills and flat facet sill extensions to manage air flow.

Jaguar F Type 2014 side view

Inside the car

The F-Type uneven cabin layout reflects the sharp target the driver. The aim was to make associate close cockpit for the driver with all the controls placed naturally at hand and logically classified, permitting most attention on the driving expertise. A grab handle sweeps down the middle console on the rider aspect, delineating it from the driver’s position and wrapping round the center console. Totally different finishes within the driver and rider square measureas are used, together with a special grain on prime of the panel and center console than that found on the rider aspect.

Jaguar F Type 2014 interior

Within the S and V8 S models, the most management interfaces – the Engine begin button, handwheel mounted mechanical device paddles ANd Dynamic Mode toggle – square measure highlighted in an “Ignis” orange end, like that used on the markings on skilled divers’ watches. The controls square measure ergonomically classified by operate, sanctionative the driving force to a lot of simply use them while not amusing eyes from the road. A small-diameter three-spoke wheel also will be on the market during a flat-bottom style, as a part of AN elective Performance Pack. Numerals on the measuring device area unit larger and bolder than those on the speed indicator, to reinforce visibility once for shifting. A TFT digital display screen between the 2 dials provides any info for the driving force.

Jaguar F Type 2014 interior 1

Sports seats feature power recline and height adjustment with manual management of fore-aft movement, a nod to weight reduction. Out there Performance seats is ordered with extra facet bolstering for bigger support throughout high-force cornering. Each seat sorts can even be optioned with full power adjustment, together with adjustable body part and facet support. The car’s driving position is 20mm less than within the Felis onca XKR-S, lowering the middle of gravity and permitting the driving force to feel additional connected to the automotive.


The F-Type showcases the new compressor jaguar engines, a 3-liter supercharged V6 in 340 horse power and 380 horse power states of tune and therefore the 5-liter supercharged V8 within the cat F-Type V8 S with 495hp and 460 ft-lbs of force. All area unit equipped with the new Intelligent Stop/Start system to boost fuel economy underneath bound driving conditions. In addition to speedy zero-to-60 acceleration, the new Jaguar supercharged engines provide the F-Type outstanding merging and spending performance. The 340 horse power V6 model can go from fifty to seventy five mph in exactly 3.3 sec; the 380 horse power S version in 3.1 and therefore the V8 S model in 2.5 sec.

Jaguar F Type 2014 rear angle 2

Jaguar F-Type Prices

3-liter supercharged V6, 340hp: $69,000 (US), €73.400 (Germany), £58,520 (UK)

3-liter supercharged V6 S, 380hp: $81,000 (US), €84.900 (Germany), £67,520 (UK)

5-liter supercharged V8 S, 495hp: $92,000 (US), €99.900 (Germany), £79,985 (UK)

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