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Power Is On The Street Again With 2013 Shelby GT350

Shelby may be a name as synonymous with the Ford mustang as marshmallows ar with campfires. However in contrast to the transient sweet confection that’s ready on a stick, the late carroll Shelby’s name on the placard suggests that another performance and exclusivity. Started in 1965, the automaker’s celebrated early cars were in production for a restricted run – these days, a mint concours-quality 1965 Shelby GT350 will sell for upwards of $350,000.

2013 shelby gt350 fd front angle 3

2013 shelby gt350 fd front angle 1

To coincide with the forty fifth anniversary of the first Shelby GT350, Shelby American re-introduced the GT350 in 2011. Just like the original, it had been solely offered in white with blue stripes. Customers were offered a selection between naturally aspirated (440 HP) and 2 levels of supercharging (525 HP with a guaranty or 624 horsepower without). The manufacturer calls the GT350 a “post-title” package, a term meaning it starts out life as a stock mustang and is changed outside Ford’s industrial plant (this is in distinction to the Shelby GT500, that may be a normal Ford production car).

2013 shelby gt350 fd front

2013 shelby gt350 fd rear

As the GT350 enters its third year, Shelby has created many changes. Automatically, Wilwood brakes replace Baer units and Recaro seats and a tinted glass roof ar on the choices list. Cosmetically, the vehicle is currently offered in most of the Blue Oval’s manufactory colours, new multispoke wheels are offered in fabric Black or Bright Silver metallike end, and customers will make a choice from fabric Black, Silver or Gloss White stripes (or Azure Blue metallike on Performance White or ingot Silver). Esthetically, the design of the automobile has additionally modified somewhat – keen eyes can note that it really seems a lot of ‘stock’ than it did last year.

2013 shelby gt350 fd interior

This specific heavily optioned check automobile started as a 2013 mustang GT Premium with a six-speed manual gear case ($35,454 as well as destination) and Gotta Have it green paint ($495). The Shelby GT350 Package ($26,995) and a range of alternative choices followed. These enclosed leather Recaro seats ($1,595), polished Ford sport compressor – boosting power to 624 H.P. ($8,500), Shelby/Wilwood multi-piston brake upgrade ($2,995), Shelby High Performance Cooling Package ($2,995), Billet Watts Link rear suspension ($1,995) and an o.e.m Shelby GT500 rear spoiler ($599). Whereas a base no-option Shelby GT350 may be had for $58,540, the as-tested value of our green auto destroyed a rather surprising $81,714.

2013 shelby gt350 fd side

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