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One of a Kind 1966 Ford Mustang Produced by Maier Racing

Anyone who’s ever driven a classic stock Ford pony can realize it has its faults. That doesn’t mean it’s not an excellent automotive, however once it comes to racing, old Mustangs have their drawbacks.

However damn do they appear fantastic. There’s simply one thing concerning them. Therefore will it’s attainable to require a classic ‘Stang and make over it with fashionable components so it’ll tackle the race track with stability and ease? Maier from Maier racing asked himself that terribly question and he engineered an answer.
His 1966 mustang machine underwent some major enhancements that have turned it into one amongst the best-built and most fun to drive classic muscle cars on the road these days. This latest episode of huge Muscle with host mike Musto explores each this terribly special pony and therefore the man who created it higher than ever.

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