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New Era of “M” Packet is Here, BMW M4 Concept (Video)

Ushering in the next-generation of two-door M performance cars for BMW, the new M4 concept was formally disclosed at the rock Beach Concours d’Elegance last night once an unceremonious embargo leak yesterday afternoon. The truth of the actual fact that we’ll nevermore have a brand new M3 coupe could be a very little easier to upset once browsing the M4 Concept’s sleek and sporty lines.

BMW M4 wheels

As was the case with the concept 4 Series coupe, we have a tendency to expect this M4 to transition from construct automotive to production coupe with only a few changes. Among the options we’s bet against creating it into production embrace the front splitter and also the exhaust tips – each made up of carbon fiber. Different notable details ar the aero-shaped mirrors, the delicate M stripes on the carbon fiber roof and also the 20-inch wheels exposing massive six-piston from brakes. If we are asking, we’d say bring this automotive to production as is – apart from the paint color.

Nothing yet published about M4’s powertrain or if it’ll even supply a manual gearbox, however we’d imagine that we’ll be seeing this automotive in production type, complete with all of these details at the LA automobile Show.

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