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Monster Car With Crazy Mind Inside, Called Ken Block and The Ultimate Gymkhana 6 Grid Course

If there is one issue we’ll say concerning Ken Block and his latest installment within the gymkhana family, it’s that it is far more structured than previous videos, however that does not mean it skimps on the diversion. Block is on a purpose-made course that was touted as “The…Ultimate…Gymkhana 6…Grid…Course” in last week’s preview. Not like gymkhana five, that took placed on closed streets in San Francisco, this course looks way more compact.

 Monster car with crazy mind inside, called Ken Block

Block has a whole array of challenges to tackle in his 650-horsepower Ford fiesta ST, and none of them look notably simple. In fact, we’d argue that sports meeting 6’s grid course needs way more precise driving that previous titles. There ar Segways, Lamborghinis and big items of construction equipment that every one should be handled.

We’ve got the whole 6:28 of gymkhana madness for you down below. Scroll down for the video then hit Comments and allow us to compares to previous Block works.

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