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Important Advice What To Do In Case Of An Accident

Every day we are witness accidents, but sometimes the participants do not know their responsibilities in this kind of situations. So we search a little bit about this and we will give you some advice, what to do if you have a car accident.

car accident

Your duties in case of an accident:

1. As a participant in a car accident, you are required to take appropriate measures to eliminate new threats that may occur at the site of the accident, in particular
To set the special sign that marks the stopped vehicle on the roadway or other appropriate signs to inform road users that have resulted in danger
To ensure that the vehicle will stay in the same position and it will not be moved
To ensure the vehicle load to fall or not to break up on the road
To take measures to prevent the outbreak of fire or explosion, etc…
2. Staying at the site of the accident, you can temporarily move away only for providing assistance to the persons who are injured in this accident or you can move away if you feel that you need some medical assistance.
3. Taking these actions named from the above is required from you to do not change the position or situation at the site of the accident in order to preserve the existing traces, only provided that it does not jeopardize the safety.

car accident

When to call the Police, and when to fill the Accident Report?

In the below-listed cases of the accidents you should notify the Police and wait for the arrival of a police officer to inspect:
1. When the accident has injured or dead persons
2. When there was a big material damage to the vehicle or damaged the vital parts management and stop the vehicle or both vehicles and the vehicles can not independently move along the path
3. When the vehicle has no registration plates or not insured
4. When the vehicle has a foreign license plate
5. When one of the drivers is obviously under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other drugs
6. When one of the drivers does not possess the appropriate license
7. When the drivers can not harmonize their views on the manner and circumstances under which the accident occurred
8. When one of the drivers is refusing to give his personal data or the information of the vehicle
9. When one of the drivers has left the scene of the accident
If incurred minor damage ( not damaged the vital parts management and stopping, and vehicles can independently move along the way ) and not fulfilled none of the above cases, the participants in the traffic accident shall immediately remove their vehicles from the road to allow smooth traffic flow and to fill in and sign the accident report.
We recommend that if you decide to complete an accident report, you can also capture the vehicles, the damage to the vehicles and the place of the accident. Note that if unnecessary call the police, they will ask you to pay an amount of maybe 500 dollars.
Source of information http://www.autobossusa.com/

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