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Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Mustang !!!

The Ford pony is getting ready to be part of a very little group of cars. In 2014 the mustang can enter its fiftieth year of continuous production that is kind of effort and therefore the biggest success story for the Ford Motor Company since the model “A”. The automobile was so productive that it gave rise to a brand new subclass of automobile – the pony category.

1964 ford mustang coupe

Once the pony came into the showrooms it took the automobile market by storm and sent all the competitors back to the drawing boards in an exceedingly hurry; the automobile had attractiveness – it had been a fantastically designed automobile. Several of the inside, chassis, frame and drive chain elements were from different Ford products; the Falcon and Fairlane models largely that reduced strategy planning stage time, less line changes and it meant smallest extra inventory stock for the dealerships. Ford underestimated by an extended shot simply however massive this new automobile was attending to be.

2014 Mustang

The new pony was reaching to sell 100,000 units the primary year Ford thought however this was surpassed 3 months when the automobile hit the salesroom floor. The primary model year Mustangs were purchased by 318,000 individuals however inside eighteen months 1,000,000 units was surpassed. As Ford hastily raised production of the pony these 1st models – observed because the ’64 1/2 by the purists – did have some quirks; a number of the cars left the assembly plant while not headlight wiring harnesses or there have been additionally cases of horn processing rings speech communication “Ford Falcon” at a lower place a trim ring spoken language “Ford Mustang”.


These models with production errors ar value more to collectors – if they will realize one. The sixty four and a 0.5 and also the 1965 pony came with a hundred and seventy cubic inch (2.81L) six cylinder engine or a sweet running V8 motor, 289 Cu in (4.7L).Some of the assembly issues with the sixty four and a 0.5 continuing into the sixty five model year. A number of the cars with the 289 engine didn’t get fender badges to denote the 289 engine displacement and some of the sixty 5 models left assembly with holes for the backup lights however not put in. to create things a trifle a lot of funny – it had been usually the client that purchased the vehicle that noticed the error(s). The 1966 remained constant because the previous year and a 0.5 with solely some slight modifications to allow the automobile a sportier look Ford altered the facet scoops slightly yet as a small change to the grill hood emblem.The Ford mustang wasn’t excellent it will have some flaws however is has been around for 50 years and therefore the 2014 models ar as nice to seem at because the 1st ones off the assembly area floor. So, Ford Mustang Happy birthday.

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