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During the International Geneva Motor Show, on the stand of Toyota has held two world premieres, debuts the koncept open version the model FT-86, as well as futuristic concept i-Road, which is a personal vehicle. The company represents also Auris Touring Sports.

 Toyota i-Road

2013 geneva toyota i road-photo

I-Road model is designed for urban environments and is something between a car and motorcycle. The vehicle has three wheels, and according to the information combines excellent maneuvering the motorcycles with the convenience and security of a small car. Toyota i-Road has a closed passenger cabin that can accommodate a two person.The seats are arranged one behind the other, and the turning radius is 3 meters.

2013 geneva toyota i road Dimensions footer is 2.350 mm length, 1.445 mm height and 850 mm width. Total weight is only 300 kilograms, the front tires in size from 16 inches, while    the rear of 10.Both front wheel drive. They placed two electric motors with a total output of 5.5 Hp.

Toyota i Road concept

They draw power from a lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in standard grid for 3 hours. Autonomy on a single charge is 50 miles, and the speed of movement reaches 45 km / h.Specifically for i-Road is developed technology Active Lean, which automatically controls the sideways tilt, providing a stable and safe movement.


Toyota FT-86 Open

Toyota FT 86 OpenKoncept FT-86 Open is one of the premiers in Geneva Motor Show. The convertible body retains vision and the novelty electric retractable with soft rather than hard top roof. According to Toyota it generates “a sense of unity with nature, while retaining the pleasure and associating with the car.” Toyota FT 86 Open Concept cockpit
The interior is visually identical to that covered GT 86, but with strongly contrasting colors and various accessories.It is interesting that the large screen on the center console is replaced by radio. Account that, in turn, mounted additional equipment for oil temperature, coolant temperature …
Toyota FT 86 Open site

So far, Toyota FT-86 Open four-cylinder engine is a 2.0 turbo with an output of 200 Hp and 205 Nm. But is not a secret that they are preparing something else!?



Toyota Auris Touring Sports

toyota auris touring sports

Toyota emphasized that the novelty Auris Touring Sports will go on sale later this year, and will offer the customers a stylish and functional interior, excellent cargo volume and a unique opportunity for incorporation segment hybrid propulsion system.

toyota auris touring sports 1Toyota Auris Touring Sports has a wheelbase of 2.600 mm, and the length of the vehicle is 285 mm higher than the hatchback version.Cargo area of the van with a capacity of 530 liters, width is 1452, and the depth is 1.115 mm. If needed, capacity can be increased to 1658 liters.

Auris Touring Sports will be offered with a choice between two petrol, 1.33 and 1.6 liter, two diesel 1.4 and 2.0 engines.

toyota auris touring sport blackHybrid version of the van is a 1.8 liter petrol engine and electric motor, and the maximum power of the system is 136 Hp. This modification Auris Touring Sports is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.9 seconds and develop maximum speed of 180 km/h.


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