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Fast & Furious Seven Shooting is Completed, Premiere Will be on the 3 of April

Universal Studios has declared Fast & Furious seven picture taking has finished and the movie will premiere one week sooner than planned.
The seventh sequel of Fast & Furious franchise was imagined to start this summer however was pushed back once Paul Walkes’s tragic accident on November thirty, 2013 whereas he was on the traveler seat of a Porsche Carrera GT driven by friend and business partner Roger Rodas who additionally died.

Fast & Furious seven

Towards the tip of last year, Vin Diesel aforesaid fast & Furious seven would be out on April 10, 2015 but currently when filming has finished, Universal Studios has touched forward the launch date to April 3. Paul Walker’s remaining unshot scenes are replaced with computer-generated imagination and additionally by his brother cody. After Paul Walker’s death, the script had to be rewritten so as to retire Brian O’Conner so the franchise may continue while not one among the celebs though it won’t be identical.

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