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Drift Apocalypse Car vs. Motorcycle Welcome to Madness (Video)

You may keep in mind the combine of drifting bike heathens that battled a police pursuit Ford mustang alittle over a year agone. Ernie Vigil and Nick Brocha ar back at it once more for Drift three, and this point, things have modified a little. The story picks up during a fictional future wherever drifting has taken and also the streets ar dominated by sideways hooligans of each flavor.

motorcycle vs car driftpocalypse drift

Officer Dan, the gentlemen who place the 2 riders behind bars at the tip of the last installment, has gone scallywag, and also the Officer Buck currently represents the long arm of the law in his 850-horseopwer pellet athletics X2R buggy. Meanwhile, Vigil and Brocha get to mess around with turbocharged Triumph Daytona machines with around 204 H.P. at their command. The clip below options a repeat with Officer Dan, a exciting chase by Officer Buck and every one the sideways. All of it. You can check for yourself.

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