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Do You Want to Own Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari Enzo And One-Off Black FXX

They are on sale

If you’re searching for a car with some important history and one terribly far-famed owner, then you’re on the right place. The formally recognized Ferrari and Maserati dealer features a few rare Enzo supercars up for sale, however 2 of the cars were antecedently in hand by none aside from seven-time Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher.

michael schumachers ferrari black FXX

michael schumachers ferrari black FXX front angle

Each car were specially designed for the sport legend throughout his time with Ferrari and are available with a number of private touches as well as his initials dotted around their interiors. The regular Enzo additionally has a range of celebrated signatures below its hood, together with that of Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo. Curiously, it has 8,500 kilometers (5,280 miles) on its hodometer, suggesting Schumacher did manage to drive the automobile somewhat throughout the time he owned it. The same story can’t be said for the FXX, whose hodometer reading is simply 900 kilometers (559 miles), tho’ this is smart considering the automobile will only be used at the track and Schumacher has access to a lot of quicker track toys.

michael schumachers ferrari enzo front angle

michael schumachers ferrari enzo side view

This specific FXX is that the only black example of the Enzo-based experimental supercars, of that solely 30 were ever engineered, and it magnificently appeared on top Gear back in 2009 with Schumacher taking it for an influence lap at Dunsfold aerodrome. Both of those cars were gifts to Schumacher for his achievements at Ferrari, thus it’s odd that they’re currently up for sale. If you’d wish to own one you’ll need to front up some serious cash; the Enzo can set you back just about $1.47 million whereas the FXX can cost you close up to $2.67 million.

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