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Crazy Off-Road Stunts Video Produced by Gymkhana

The video team accountable for Ken Block’s first 3 gymkhana videos is at it once more, however this point, the action has been taken more off-road with a extremely changed  RZR XP1000 2014, Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) from polaris, the new top-of-the-line.

 2014 RZR XP1000

The video by Mad Media was revealed these days as a part of a campaign regular to follow last week’s unleash of Polaris’ newest providing.
Mad Media uses 2 XP1000s for the shoot, the $20,000 recreational vehicles, which started off with 107-hp 999.6cc 2-cylinder engines before modifications, obtained suspension, drivetrain and engine upgrades before off-road truck racer and UTV champion RJ Anderson pitched them through some really heavy piece of land in an abandoned iron mine in Southern California’s desert.

The stunts ar insane, and we’re affected by the tiny UTV’s capabilities, however to our eyes, the video lacks the diplomacy and progression of the primary 3 gymkhana-Ken Block videos. The single-pitch drone of the UTV’s engine does not facilitate, either. Watch the maximum amount off-road action as you wish within the 10+ minute video below.

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