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Countdown Begins for Ford Mustang’s 50th anniversary (2 videos)

Date for celebrating is 17 April 2014

By launching a “Mustang Countdown” video series, Ford is gears up for the Mustang’s 50th anniversary.

Designed to reveal stories concerning the car and also the folks that like it, the series can explore the mustang one construct, the Flat Rock manufacturing plant and also the car’s sport pedigree – among alternative things. As Ford promoting manager Steve Ling explained “Fans round the world share a passion for mustang that embodies the liberty of the open road and also the spirit of performance driving. The ‘Mustang Countdown’ series is in a different way during which Ford is observance that heritage with various celebrations over following year.”

Since the model was introduced in 1964, Ford has sold-out over 9.2 million Mustangs. It’s additionally appeared in additional than 3,000 films and television shows as well as Gone in 60 Seconds, Bullitt, and Drive.

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