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Corvette Stingray Against SRT Viper Let’s See Who Will Win (Video)

Alright, there is not any method the 455-horsepower Chevrolet corvette stingray beat the 640-hp SRT viper, you say. Well, you are part right. Edmunds ran them down a 1/4 drag strip and therefore the viper did it in 11.72 sec. at 124.09 m/h to the Stingray’s 12.39 sec. at 113.73 mph. The viper did 0-60 m/ h in 3.5 sec. compared to the Corvette’s 4.1-sec run.

srt viper & Corvette

However the Chevrolet positively pulled on top of its weight, and that we see yet again that HP doesn’t suggest everything when it beats the viper within the different 3 tests. The viper and corvette have long been arch nemesis, and SRT head Ralph Gilles had the viper Ta designed when the corvette ZR1 handily beat it by 2 seconds at Mazda Raceway lagune Seca this year.

But regardless of the check, if it is not in a line, Edmunds shows that the new base corvette will outdo the viper with a lot of less HP. The endless viper vs. corvette face-off continues, and it looks Chevy’s newest sports automotive has the basics down pat – simply add power. Edmunds did not choose an overall winner – we predict a track check can solve that. However the video we tend to include below is an early glimpse into the new Corvette’s performance potential, so far we tend to like the look of it.

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