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The secret is out, 2015 Ford Mustang virtually smoking hot.

Mustang Chief Engineer Dave Pericak told FoxNews.com that it had a special feature geared toward the child within us that might be a manufacturer initial, however wasn’t able to say what it had been just now.

Mustang burnout button

Well, it’s currently been discovered to be an electronic line-lock that holds the front brakes whereas loosen the rears, permitting drivers to perform the proper burnout on each attempt.

And it’s not only for showboating.

Aimed at drag racers, who usually add this sort of feature to their cars to assist them to heat up the tires before a run, Ford is packaging it with an electronic launch system that it says can build the mustang GT ideal for bracket racers, whose goal is to hit a expected time within the quarter-mile.

Unfortunately, there’s no amazing huge red burnout button on the dash or something like that, it’s engaged through the Mustang’s Track Apps menu on a screen within the middle of the gauge cluster victimization steering wheel-mounted thumb controls.

And it additionally comes with a expressive style Catch 22.

Ford says it’s solely meant to be used at racetracks – so no high jinks on the highschool parking zone — however points out that you’ll void your guarantee if you race your car.

So, you continue to can’t have your cake and eat it to, however a minimum of you’ll be able to challenge the driver within the next lane to eat your dirt.

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