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Ever Wonder What Will Happen if You Put the Wrong Fuel Into The Car, Here Are the Consequences…Watch!

Taking excellent care of your car is important if you would like it to perform properly and to drive it for an extended time. Many of us usually forget to try and do basic maintenance on their automobile which can, without a doubt, have an effect on the car in a dangerous way. One among […]

The New Audi R8 V10 Plus 2017 in Suzuka Gray Metallic Color

The R8, supercharged by Audi’s 5.2-liter V10 engine, was taken to the far North by automotive photographer Auditography, who managed to capture some nice photos and a stunning video. As for the specs of the super car, the gloss black rear wing, front air intakes and aspect vents distinction rather nicely with the shade of […]

Ken Block’s Gymkhana 9 To The Limit

All already know very well who is Ken Block, and even more know as Gymkhana, so it does not take much to explain about this new 9th consecutive below. But this time instead of super powerful Ford Mustang with 845 horsepower or rather well-known Ford Fiesta with 650 horsepower, this time Ken Block decided its […]

If You Drive Expensive Car Like BMW X6 You Think Your Car is Safe? I Don’t Think so !!! Watch

If you drive expensive car like BMW X6 you think your car is safe? I don’t think so !!! Check out this Russian guy, what’s he doing in less than 2 min.

Are You Sure That You Know Everything About Your Car, I Bet You Don’t…Watch !!!

Do you own a car with Manual Transmission, then, you should Stop doing these 5 things !!! Watch and learn something !

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