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Important Advice What To Do In Case Of An Accident

Every day we are witness accidents, but sometimes the participants do not know their responsibilities in this kind of situations. So we search a little bit about this and we will give you some advice, what to do if you have a car accident. Your duties in case of an accident: 1. As a participant […]

Attempt to Steal the Body of Enzo Ferrari

Italian authorities said they had foiled an attempt by criminals to steal the body of automotive legend, Enzo Ferrari in Modena According to Italian media gang planned to demand ransom for the body of the founder of Ferrari after stealing from the cemetery San Cataldo. In the raid in which 300 were police and soldiers […]

Ever Wonder What Will Happen if You Put the Wrong Fuel Into The Car, Here Are the Consequences…Watch!

Taking excellent care of your car is important if you would like it to perform properly and to drive it for an extended time. Many of us usually forget to try and do basic maintenance on their automobile which can, without a doubt, have an effect on the car in a dangerous way. One among […]

Your Next Vehicle, Meet The New Mitsubishi Pajero 2017

The first Mitsubishi Pajero was unveiled in Japan, Tokyo in “Motor Show” in November 1973. Then the second prototype of Mitsubishi Pajero followed in 1978, five years later after Tokyo Motor Show. Mitsubishi’s goal was to create a recreational vehicle for Japanese buyers, not just an SUV, as a Nissan Patrol or Toyota Land Cruiser. […]

Best 10 Automotive Interiors in 2016

10. Audi TTS The new Audi TT could be a breath of recent air once it involves exterior further as interior style. On the within, the quality twin dials are replaced by a giant screen which may be changed to indicate maps, speed, and also the different technical knowledge associated with the automobile. The central […]

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