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Do You Want Open Roof !! We Are Presenting The Hottest 8 New Convertibles

Whether you’re cruising California’s coast road, rushing through the town or driving anyplace in between, there’s no higher thanks to beat the summer heat than a high-powered convertible. It’s a excitement like no alternative, and this year’s our calendar includes some beauties that’ll exceed all your expectations… Aston Martin Vanquish Ultimate Volante: A hundred years of […]

Drag Race by SEMA ’70 Mustang vs Porsche 911 vs Ultra Four Buggy

We run lots of videos of drag races. A number of them ar GM vs. Ford, there’s import vs. domestic and displacement vs. forced induction. However the subsequent race, that features 3 show cars from SEMA, is not like any we’ve shown before. The vehicles ar immensely completely different from each other, to the purpose […]

World Greatest Drag Race Ever for the Third Time, Let’s See who Wins (Video)

World’s Greatest Drag Race. With an flying field and a dozen of the world’s finest performance cars at its disposal (oh, and a helicopter), the MT team did what any sensible cluster of enthusiasts would do, and tried to work what automobile may cowl 1 / 4 mile the fastest. World’s greatest drag race, indeed. […]

The Fastest and Widest of all Carrera, the New Porsche 911 Turbo S

This is a Top car for Top people, or for someone, the craziest dream car. This car is a classic, with production starting 50 years ago, exactly in 1963 for the first time Porsche 911 had the Auto Show debut in Frankfurt. And now we have two celebrations in one, first celebrated 50 anniversaries and […]

Does Sharapova Will Present Brand Porsche in His True Light

26 year old mega star in the field of tennis Maria Sharapova from now with a new obligation, that becomes brand ambassador, already far renowned German sports brand Porsche AG. Among them are signed an agreement to 3 years which include communication campaigns. According to the Executive Director of Porsche AG Matthias Mueller was not […]

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