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The Fastest Drift at 304.96 Km/h is Broken with Amazing Nissan GT-R, This is a Guinness World Record…Watch !

The Japanese drift champion Masato Kawabata set this new world record with fully tuned Nissan GT-R MY16, and with amazing speed of 304,96 km/h. OK the New Cars Rev is back in the game. Enjoy!

Winter, Snow and Amazing Nissan GT-R on a ski slope

Winter, snow, four-wheel drive and over 500hp! Sounds fun right? This happens when you take “Godzila” on a empty ski slope. Nissan GT-R is currently the most impressive Japanese model, thanks to its excellent power to all four wheels which provides the perfect launch site management and excellent cornering. But, combined with good winter tires are […]

For Breakfast Eats Muscle Cars, and for Lunch Everything Else…GT-R with 540HP

At a recent street racing event at daytime go into the Californian boonies, a Nisan GT-R changed to place down around 560 HP to any or all four wheels, arrived within the Bay space to require on some serious muscle cars. Contenders enclosed heavily reworked classic Camaros, and a Dodge Demon with 540-hp that did […]

Incredible Race between Nissan GTR and Several Motorcycles

Videos wherever cars race against motorcycles ar usually boring and foreseeable, existing either to amaze us with however soundly the bike will beat the automobile, or to demonstrate that generally a car will really win. Those ar usually the only 2 versions that exist, however this video is completely different. Not only will it keep […]

World Greatest Drag Race Ever for the Third Time, Let’s See who Wins (Video)

World’s Greatest Drag Race. With an flying field and a dozen of the world’s finest performance cars at its disposal (oh, and a helicopter), the MT team did what any sensible cluster of enthusiasts would do, and tried to work what automobile may cowl 1 / 4 mile the fastest. World’s greatest drag race, indeed. […]

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