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Best 10 Automotive Interiors in 2016

10. Audi TTS The new Audi TT could be a breath of recent air once it involves exterior further as interior style. On the within, the quality twin dials are replaced by a giant screen which may be changed to indicate maps, speed, and also the different technical knowledge associated with the automobile. The central […]

The New Audi R8 V10 Plus 2017 in Suzuka Gray Metallic Color

The R8, supercharged by Audi’s 5.2-liter V10 engine, was taken to the far North by automotive photographer Auditography, who managed to capture some nice photos and a stunning video. As for the specs of the super car, the gloss black rear wing, front air intakes and aspect vents distinction rather nicely with the shade of […]

The Fastest Audi R8 with 2100 HP + Twin Turbo !!!!

An additional 2100+hp lord has ventured up the to platform! This delightful Underground Racing Twin rapid Audi R8 takes the crown and ideas champion most importantly within the Texas Invitational Fall 2015 party. Confronting severe rivalry, this auto reliably saved running more than 200 mph more than one instances at some stage in the day, […]

Do You Want Open Roof !! We Are Presenting The Hottest 8 New Convertibles

Whether you’re cruising California’s coast road, rushing through the town or driving anyplace in between, there’s no higher thanks to beat the summer heat than a high-powered convertible. It’s a excitement like no alternative, and this year’s our calendar includes some beauties that’ll exceed all your expectations… Aston Martin Vanquish Ultimate Volante: A hundred years of […]

World Greatest Drag Race Ever for the Third Time, Let’s See who Wins (Video)

World’s Greatest Drag Race. With an flying field and a dozen of the world’s finest performance cars at its disposal (oh, and a helicopter), the MT team did what any sensible cluster of enthusiasts would do, and tried to work what automobile may cowl 1 / 4 mile the fastest. World’s greatest drag race, indeed. […]

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