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Camaro Z28 2014 as You Haven’t Seen Before

It certainly been an year a big announcement for Chevrolet when it comes to reviving nameplate’s. First we saw the sting ray and now this, the Z28 Camaro back to be the fastest Camaro ever. That’s right, that means that this car is actually even faster than the ZL1.

chevrolet camaro z28

But Chevrolet did without any fancy forced induction, instead this one has the 7.0 liter 540 horse power LS7 V8.  If it looks familiar, it is that the same power plant originally introduced in ZO6 Corvette. According to Chevrolet this cars lap time is actually three times faster than the ZO1. All those they didn’t say were that lap took place.

Still the chief engineering is warning that this car is not for the faint of heart, and sincerely to track focus for most of the drivers. It is easy to see why to, fist it’s has a heavy duty suspension designed specifically for the track use. Second it comes standard white new aggressively Recarro racing seats, and third if you can’t drive stick, you can’t drive this car. That’s right, it comes exclusively whit close ration six speed manual.

On the other hand if all those things sound like selling points, than you could have an incredible car in your future. A site from the car is bonifay track cred, it’s also drop that gorgeous, especially in this pearl white paint. On top of that you get extras like this 19 inch wheels that look fantastic, the  body kit designed to deliver down force at speed and it look great, and it’s that not enough just wait until you hear that 7 liter V8.

Do not put the volume to the maximum it’s dangerous…!

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