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Attempt to Steal the Body of Enzo Ferrari

Italian authorities said they had foiled an attempt by criminals to steal the body of automotive legend, Enzo Ferrari in Modena

ferrari enzo

According to Italian media gang planned to demand ransom for the body of the founder of Ferrari after stealing from the cemetery San Cataldo. In the raid in which 300 were police and soldiers across Italy arrested 34 people.

The gang was linked to drug trafficking and was based in Orgosolo Sardinia, and had members in Emilia, Lombardy, Venice and Tuscany. Their plan was to steal the coffin of Ferrari, who died in 1988 at age 90 and enlisted in the Apennine mountains and at the same time to demand a ransom from the family Ferrari.

ferrari enzo cemetary

ferrari enzo

One member of the gang had supervised the cemetery and had a plan for grabbing two cars and a van. But at the request of the regional government, the military intervened before to fulfill the plan.

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