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Are HYUNDAI and KIA Will Return to the Throne Where They Belong

Two sister companies Hyundai and Kia after the rapid growth that has happened in the last four years, this year, the opposite happened. Company says that the assembly plants are running at full tilt but no new capacity coming soon. While all the main competitors increased their sales at Hyundai-Kia U.S. occurred a decrease of 9 percent compared to the previous year with total sales of around 248.900 vehicles in the first quarter of the year.

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In the previous two years, dropping it looked like this: in the first quarter of 2011 sales was reduced by 52 percent, while in the same period in 2012 the percentage was 27 percent. Hyundai say that the lack of major models and popular trim packages such as the Sonata GLS sedan harm sales. Vehicles with small scale are also with reduced supplies.

Chairman Chung and John Gulley

So for example, in South Korea, where it is produced Veloster, the production capacity of the Veloster Turbo engine is 20 to 30 percent, while demand in the U.S. is concretely 70 percent says CEO of Hyundai Motor America. As he says they are growing where they have capacity.

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For example, when we have more Elantras, Elantra sales increases, and other models too. Currently we have lack the Sonatas and sales would normally fall. We grow globally, but we manage things so that the products go where we think they are most needed. Kia sales in March declined by 15 percent, but dealers expect the Kia Forte compact redesigned and other fresh and new vehicles during the year.

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The CEO advocacy called The Kia Store which has a chain of stores across the U.S attributed much of the decline of sales model Forte. He said that due to weak sales Forte, total sales had fallen in all stores in the first quarter. But he also says he expects an increase in sales as soon as will reach the new models. Kia announces that during the second quarter will launch a new large sedan Cadenza, whereas in the third quarter will launch a redesigned subcompact Soul.

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