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1967 Mustang Fastback Pure Beauty

The world of resto-modding is fraught with peril. To easily restore an old automotive is often lots of work, however it doesn’t give much of an explicit outlet. After that we’ve resto-modding, and its slightly additional serious relative, professional moving. This is often wherever the old automotive is rebuilt but additionally changed, either to change the looks or to get high performance.


It is, of course, simple to ask this type of issue wrong, as individuals will get terribly touchy about changed classics. Thankfully there ar some who specialise in this sort of problems, and one such search is that the RestoMod Store in Independence, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas town. It’s this search that has given us the automotive you see here, known as the Snakeskin green viper ’67 Fastback. The mustang has engine given a 2012 5.0 V8, that has conjointly been uploaded-supercharged. The recent rear suspension was ditched in favor of an freelance setup, a Pro-G irs from Heidts. Apart from that, there isn’t abundant to mention except that it’s quite inexperienced.

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