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“1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Drag Car” a Right Match For You…? Video

When it involves performance Mustangs, the additional trendy the pony automobile, the higher performance there’s imagined to be. However don’t tell that to 1967 pony Fastback owner Greg Smith. After all, his classic pony would over provide any new ‘Stang a last its cash down the drag strip, all whereas maintaining those classic body lines created illustrious by the film Bullitt. Have we got your attention? Good! Verify Smith’s superb drag pony within the video below.

As you will have guessed, DRIVE’s big Muscle series is back! Which means another season full of distinctive cars, crazy performance, and in fact, mike Musto’s fascinating insights.
The big Muscle crew determined to showcase this car- a 1967 pony Fastback purposeful for domination on the track, to start off the new season.

As Musto explains, there’s no fluff during this automobile, as everything is intermeshed for moving the pony down the quarter mile quicker. And even then, the pony doesn’t sport too several variations from a regular works car. Esthetically, the only distinction between delicate and wild is that the hood scoop, further gauges and also the 8-point roll cage.

Big muscle 67 Mustang

Under the hood of this cool automobile could be a 393 Windsor stroker motor, manufacturing lots of oomph for acceleration functions. Which means 11.40 quarter-mile times all day long on simply the motor and 10.28 time-slips with a hundred and fifty shot of nitric.

An addition to the stout motor, the automobile options a Currie 9-inch rear end with 4.10 gears, a 3 speed transmission controlled by a B&M ratchet shifter, and Fenton slotted wheels wrapped in large amounts of Mickey Thompson rubber within the rear. If you’re probing for an previous school-cool drag automobile, this can be the one!

While some might scoff at the concept of a number of items being out of place, just like the rivet holes within the hood for instance, this car is supposed to be driven. It’s meant to be able to cruise so fly down the track once commanded to, not to win shows. The rest and this pony simply wouldn’t be the same!

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