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Sound Madness…Watch What They’re Doing in the Tunnel…Audi R8 vs Ferrari 458 Speciale

We’re presenting new cars rev battle between two of the most popular sport cars ever. A Ferrari 458 Speciale equipped with R3 Wheels and Audi R8 equipped with Messer wheels. They are revving so loud, so you must turn your speakers down. Or maybe you like that sound, so put your volume to the maximum […]

Awesome Revving and Burnouts…..Which One You Prefer the Most…New Cars vs Old Cars….Watch

Here we have a comparison test between new cars and old cars, with plenty of revvings, burnouts and donuts. And the competitors are: Chevrolet Camaro SS 1969 vs Chevrolet Camaro 2016 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 1967 vs Ford Mustang GT500 2008 Supercharget Dodge Charger 1968 vs Dodge Challenger SRT 6.2 Hellcat 2015 Buick Regal Turbo […]

If You Drive Expensive Car Like BMW X6 You Think Your Car is Safe? I Don’t Think so !!! Watch

If you drive expensive car like BMW X6 you think your car is safe? I don’t think so !!! Check out this Russian guy, what’s he doing in less than 2 min.

Are You Sure That You Know Everything About Your Car, I Bet You Don’t…Watch !!!

Do you own a car with Manual Transmission, then, you should Stop doing these 5 things !!! Watch and learn something !

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The Fastest Drift at 304.96 Km/h is Broken with Amazing Nissan GT-R, This is a Guinness World Record…Watch !

The Japanese drift champion Masato Kawabata set this new world record with fully tuned Nissan GT-R MY16, and with amazing speed of 304,96 km/h. OK the New Cars Rev is back in the game. Enjoy!

Ken Block’s Playground is Now in Exotic City of Dubai…Gymkhana Eight on Video

Hi folks, we are here with the new crazy video made for the one and only Mr.Ken Block. This time we will see the epic Ford Fiesta RX43 with 650 hp, and we are going to feel the smell of the tires on the road of Exotic city of Dubai. And he’s doing it for […]

Does Mexico have a Sport Car, We Have a News for You…Video

This days some countries round the world create some analysis on new sport cars technology. Its time for Mexico at this point to create his huge tread on industry. We’ve seen that USA has some super muscle cars like Camaro, Dodge, Chevrolet etc and that they are to fast on the street and nobody will […]

The Best Drift Battle Between Mustang RTR and Lamborghini Drift Car…Watch and Enjoy

Definitely here we have one of the best Drift Race or if you prefer Drift Battle between the one and only mr. Ford Mustang RTR 2016 and his best man Lamborghini Murcielago Drift Car specially made by Liberty Walk. In one hand we have V8 Muscle Car 550 HP Ford Performance 5.0 L. Aluminator Engine, […]

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